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4 charged with assault in New Jersey

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2023 | Criminal Defense |

New Jersey police say that a high school student was recently assaulted. The student is said to have had an altercation with another person. Sometime later, a family member of the other person, plus several others, allegedly confronted the student and assaulted him.

Investigators say they have seen video evidence that shows the student being attacked at knifepoint. Security guards from the high school, as well as local law enforcement officers, searched the area, and two men were arrested for questioning at a nearby park. A photo of another person of interest was posted by police on social media. This led to two more arrests several hours later.

Police say one of the defendants had a knife in his possession

Of the two men who were later taken into police custody, one is said to have been in possession of a knife. The student who was beaten was not stabbed, although he was taken to a hospital for treatment of minor injuries. The men who were arrested ranged in age from 19 to 27.

Each case is processed separately when there are multiple arrests

If a person is one of several who is arrested in connection with the same incident, each case is adjudicated separately. It is even possible that charges against one person may be dismissed while another defendant’s case goes to trial. Experienced legal support is often the key to obtaining a positive outcome, and most defendants request assistance from an attorney as soon as they have been taken into custody.