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Effective Representation For State Criminal Charges

If you have been charged with a crime in New Jersey, it is important to remember that you have constitutional and legal rights that must be asserted forcefully and within a deadline. No one should face a criminal prosecution without consulting experienced defense counsel.

At The Law Office of Blair R. Zwillman in Morristown, I will respond immediately to your call for help. I am thoroughly familiar with the New Jersey court system and provide committed advocacy on behalf of people charged with indictable offenses or disorderly persons offenses throughout the state.

My Criminal Defense Focus

My practice is concentrated exclusively in the area of criminal law. Having worked with criminal matters during the last four decades, I am exceptionally knowledgeable in the New Jersey laws that apply to a wide range of criminal cases, including:

  • DWI – I represent people charged with driving while intoxicated, whether as first-time or repeat offenders. This includes cases where vehicular homicide is involved.
  • Drug offenses – I handle drug offenses at all levels, including possession with intent to distribute. I also help eligible clients take advantage of the alternative justice options, such as drug courts that focus on treatment and rehabilitation, without incarceration.
  • Assault and battery – Many altercations between individuals are charged as assault and battery, whether or not weapons were involved. My firm investigates every charge to determine the most compelling arguments for a dismissal or a reduction.
  • Weapons – Illegally owning, distributing or using firearms and other weapons can be subject to vigorous prosecution in New Jersey. I work to show mitigating factors and grounds for lesser charges, and even dismissal of charges.
  • White-collar crimes – I am well-versed in New Jersey laws relating to fraud, bribery, official misconduct, perjury and other white-collar crimes.

In addition, I help minors and their guardians navigate New Jersey’s juvenile justice system and advise our clients on parole and probation compliance. If you qualify to have your criminal record cleared, I can work to have your criminal record expunged.

Schedule A Consultation To Discuss Your State Criminal Charges

Time is of the essence in a criminal case. The sooner I begin investigating and protecting your rights, the more thorough I can be with your defense. Call my Morristown, New Jersey, office at 973-577-8389 or contact me online today.