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Skilled Criminal Defense Representation

An indictable criminal charge puts your freedom, property and other interests in jeopardy, demanding the most skilled and dedicated defense you can muster. Getting early and reliable advice and representation can make all the difference in whether you succeed at staving off a conviction and its sometimes-harsh consequences. In New Jersey, even a disorderly persons offense can result in jail time.

At The Law Office of Blair R. Zwillman in Morristown, we defend clients in a wide range of criminal cases. Backed by 45 years of legal experience, I work for outcomes that allow my clients to avoid major penalties and to put their lives back on track.

Facing Felony Or Misdemeanor Charges?

My firm provides experienced criminal defense for clients dealing with even the most serious charges across the state and in federal court. I represent defendants accused of:

  • DUI/DWI A drunk driving conviction can leave an individual facing serious penalties, including the suspension of their driver’s license, large monetary fines, jail time, community service and more. I examine all aspects of the case when defending my clients, including what led to the traffic stop and arrest, and the officer’s conduct.
  • Drug charges – Handling drug crimes of all types or degrees of severity, and relating to any type of drug, I aggressively defend our clients’ rights throughout the course of seeking to minimize or eliminate the consequences of a potential drug conviction.
  • Assault and battery The penalties for assault depend on a variety of factors, including whether a weapon was used. Battery, the unpermitted touching of another person, is punished based upon the extent of harm caused. If you were charged based on a physical altercation, I will look for mitigating factors that could influence a judge’s or jury’s decision.
  • Sexual assault – In New Jersey, any type of forced or coerced penetration is classified as sexual assault. Even the lesser charge of criminal sexual contact is a serious crime for which prosecutors often seek a lengthy prison term. I assert each client’s right to a presumption of innocence and whenever possible work to have charges reduced or dropped.
  • Stolen property – Shoplifting, unlawful taking of an automobile and other theft charges require proof of intent. I investigate the charges and search for extenuating circumstances.
  • White collar crimes Identity theft, insurance fraud, bank fraud, sales fraud and other forms of taking money or property by false representation often form the basis of complex criminal cases. I am adept at challenging the government’s evidence and disputing the element of intent.
  • Gun and weapons crimes – Possessing a firearm or other weapon is not always a crime, but it can be. If you have been charged with a gun or weapons offense, especially if you are a convicted felon, my firm can assist in investigating the charges and situation, and protecting you from any consequences you may be facing.
  • Juvenile crimes – When a juvenile is arrested or charged with a crime, it is especially important to ensure he or she has the proper defense team in place. With my experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side, I can ensure your child’s rights are protected and his or her future is preserved whenever possible.

I always work to achieve the best possible outcome consistent with the facts of your case. This includes speaking with witnesses, examining the alleged crime scene and conducting full discovery into police testimony and documentation.

Post-Conviction Matters

In addition to handling the initial criminal case, I work with clients to deal with issues that may arise after they have been convicted. My firm is able to help in situations where an expungement is necessary to clear a criminal record. I also can step in and protect our clients’ rights in situations dealing with parole and probation, including violations.

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At The Law Office of Blair R. Zwillman, I have the resources and experience to defend against criminal charges of all types and degrees in New Jersey state and federal courts. To schedule a free initial consultation with a dedicated attorney, call my Morristown office at 973-577-8389 or contact me online.