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​We Fight For Your Rights After A Fatal Crash

Every fatal car accident is a tragedy, but when the police accuse you of vehicular homicide, you must focus on protecting yourself and your future. These cases can be complicated, both legally and factually. The specific charges may include manslaughter or even murder. You need a legal advocate who understands the law and will protect your interests.

At The Law Office of Blair R. Zwillman, I defend individuals in the Morristown area and throughout New Jersey in vehicular homicide cases. I will work tirelessly to obtain a dismissal of your charges or have them reduced through meticulous planning and well-honed legal skills.

Put Our Experience To Work For You

With more than 45 years of legal experience, I have a deep understanding of New Jersey criminal law. I will advise you regarding the legal issues that could affect your vehicular homicide case, which might include:

  • Drug or alcohol use
  • Required elements for proving manslaughter or murder
  • Criminal and gross negligence standards
  • Traffic and pedestrian laws
  • A lack of mental capacity or the requisite mental state
  • Possible causes of the accident such as mechanical defects

I am familiar with every one of these legal concepts. I will use them to your advantage in building a strong defense for you.

The Importance Of An Independent Investigation

In a fatal car accident, every detail is an important piece of evidence.  At my firm, we always complete our own investigation, rather than simply relying on the police report. I will talk to witnesses and study the facts in order to build a thorough, supported legal defense. My goal is to give you the best chance for a dismissed case, an acquittal or a reduction in your charges.

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