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2 in New Jersey facing criminal charges

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2023 | Criminal Defense |

A man and woman are facing a host of legal problems stemming from allegations against them regarding recent shoplifting activity in New Jersey. The couple is accused of paying other people to shoplift for them. Major retailers, including Lowe’s and Home Depot, were reportedly primary targets of multiple thefts.  

The man, age 42, and his girlfriend, who is approximately six years younger, are charged with fencing. This is a legal term that refers to receiving stolen goods, which are often later sold at a profit. The couple in this case allegedly paid others to shoplift from specific stores so that they could take possession of the stolen goods and sell them online. Reportedly, law enforcement authorities recovered stolen goods in the home of the couple. 

Each defendant is facing additional charges 

In addition to shoplifting and fencing, both defendants are also facing charges of financial facilitation of criminal activity and forgery. When two people are arrested and charged in connection with the same incident, they each must be tried separately in court. It is possible that the dual outcomes can be quite different, such as one person being convicted, while the other is found not guilty.  

The best way for an accused individual to increase the chances of obtaining a positive outcome is to rely on an experienced criminal defense attorney from start to finish. A lawyer can recommend defense strategies but can also speak and act on behalf of the client in court. Having an attorney by one’s side during criminal proceedings also helps to alleviate stress.