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Retired fighter indicted for drug trafficking

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2022 | Criminal Law |

Boxing enthusiasts may recall former heavyweight fighter, Goran Gogic, who retired from the sport in 2012. Before walking away from the ring, Gogic had 21 victories under his belt, with only four matches ending in defeat. It remains to be seen what Gogic’s future has in store, but it reportedly could possibly include life in prison because he was recently indicted on drug trafficking charges. A New Jersey port is alleged to have been one of his drop locations.

Investigators claim that Gogic was a leader in a drug trafficking crew that was transporting cocaine through various U.S. ports and into Europe. They claim he oversaw transport for cocaine and other narcotics brought into the United States from Columbia, supposedly hidden inside cargo containers on ships. Authorities claim the market value of the drugs that were allegedly seized at one of the ports is $1 billion.

Drug trafficking are severe

Gogic’s freedom is now at stake, as the charges he is facing carry a penalty of anywhere from 10 years behind bars to life in prison. Federal agents say that they believe Gogic boarded the boats that were carrying the drugs from Columbia to the United States. He then allegedly orchestrated their transfer to larger ships at various ports throughout the country, including ports in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

Strong criminal defense crucial

An experienced criminal defense attorney is the best asset an individual facing drug trafficking charges in New Jersey, or elsewhere, can have. A lawyer can provide guidance and recommendations as to what type of plea to enter in court, as well as whether there are grounds for requesting a case dismissal or challenging a portion (or all) of the evidence in a particular case. An accused individual can request legal support at any stage in the process.