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What is a gun crime in New Jersey?

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

New Jersey has stringent requirements for purchasing firearms. Residents and visitors should be aware of the laws regarding possession and use of guns, including their sale and distribution. Any number of issues might arise that lead to arrest for a suspected firearms violation. 

There is a waiting period in New Jersey that purchasers of firearms must observe, which is typically 30 days for residents and longer for nonresidents. Regulations are different for purchasing handguns versus rifles or shotguns. It’s up to the buyer to make sure that all applicable gun laws are complied with at all times.  

Issues that constitute gun crimes in New Jersey 

There are numerous issues that could land a person behind bars following an arrest for a suspected gun crime: 

  • Possessing a firearm after being convicted of arson, burglary, homicide or similar types of crimes 
  • Commitment to a mental institution, unless a New Jersey licensed doctor or psychiatrist has signed a release stating that the person no longer suffers from a mental disorder 
  • Concealed possession of a handgun in public without a permit to carry one 
  • Open carry of a handgun in public 
  • Possession of a machine gun without a state license 

Each of these issues constitutes a firearms violation in New Jersey. If a police officer makes an arrest in conjunction with such issues, the person in question may wind up facing criminal charges in court.  

Penalties vary under conviction 

Numerous factors come into play regarding what type of penalty might be applicable upon conviction of a gun crime in New Jersey. Prison sentences may be as long as 10 years for certain crimes, with fines up to $150,000. To help defend rights protected by the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and to pursue the most positive outcome possible in court, it is always best to request support from an experienced criminal defense attorney when facing charges of a firearms violation in this state.