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Defense options when facing drug charges

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

New Jersey police often take people into custody as a result of a traffic stop or after executing a search warrant at a private residence. In either case, if investigators establish probable cause, police can make an arrest. Often, such situations are relevant to drug charges. In fact, there are exceptions where probable cause need not be established first before making a drug crimes arrest.

Anyone facing drug charges will ultimately have to enter a plea in court. If the case goes to trial, he or she is guaranteed an opportunity to present a defense. There are often multiple defense options available to help refute drug charges in criminal court.

Issues that may be relevant when facing drug charges in court

There are various issues that can come into play when a person is refuting drug charges:

  • Personal rights violations, such as unlawful search or seizure
  • Mistaken identity
  • Legitimate alibi that proves whereabouts when the alleged crime was supposedly committed
  • Vehicle, clothing, etc., where drugs were found belongs to someone else
  • Lab analysis does not confirm that substance is an illegal drug

Any of these issues might help mitigate the circumstances of an individual who is facing drug charges in New Jersey. In fact, issues like these often compel a criminal court judge to dismiss a case or to render certain evidence inadmissible in court.

Building a strong defense is the key to a positive outcome

The right type of criminal defense strategy can make a big difference in the ultimate outcome of a case, especially those involving drug charges. Someone with no legal background might be unsure as to what type of plea to enter or what to say and do in court; doing or saying the wrong thing might make matters worse. For this reason, it is most helpful to seek defense support at the first available opportunity.