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Multiple arrests following New Jersey shooting

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

On a recent Wednesday, just after midnight, New Jersey police fielded several emergency phone calls regarding gun shots in Edgewater. Police say they went to the location in question and discovered a 21-year-old man with numerous gunshot wounds in his body. The officers also said there was another man on the premises with a single gunshot wound, as well.  

Investigators say they discovered evidence that shots had been fired at the men during an attempted armed robbery. Police later stated that two other men who were at the same location when they arrived were both unlawfully in possession of firearms. Since then, a third man, whom police believe was trying to commit armed robbery, has been arrested and is now facing multiple criminal charges in addition to the two men who have been arrested and charged with weapons crimes.  

Allegations must be proved beyond a reasonable doubt 

Accusing men of crimes of obtaining convictions against them in a New Jersey court are two separate issues. The court presumes a man’s innocence unless and until prosecutors can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they are guilty of the crimes for which they stand accused. Each defendant is tried separately and is guaranteed an opportunity to present a defense.  

There is no need to go it alone in court 

Standing before a New Jersey judge or jury under accusation of attempted armed robbery, weapons violations or other crimes is an unnerving experience, to say the least. A defendant can take comfort in knowing that he or she does not have to stand alone in court. In fact, as soon as an arrest has taken place, a defendant may request legal support and does not have to answer any questions under interrogation until such support has been provided.