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Police make arrests after car thefts

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

New Jersey police believe they have stopped a series of car thefts and burglaries along the Jersey Shore and elsewhere in the state. The incidents all reportedly occurred in the middle of the night over a series of dates. Following preliminary investigations, police who responded to the call of a local homeowner ultimately took several people into custody on suspicion of car thefts and burglary.

The homeowner apparently had a security system in place, which sent him an alert when someone or something was near his vehicles. The man reviewed his home security camera footage and later told police that he saw someone standing near his vehicles. When the homeowner went to look for the person, no one was there.

Police investigated immediate and surrounding vicinities

Police say they received the initial call regarding suspicious activity at approximately 3:30 a.m., and about an hour later, they called for backup support. Investigators then proceeded to comb the area. At some point, they claim to have witnessed a pedestrian entering a nearby wooded area. They say that the person was moving away from a vehicle and left the door of the car open upon entering the woods.

3 suspects in jail, 1 still at large

In connection with the recent investigation, New Jersey police made a traffic stop in the same area. The person in the woods, as well as two people who were in the vehicle during the traffic stop, were arrested on suspicion of multiple car thefts and burglaries. Another person of interest remains at large, and police have asked anyone with information regarding this person to call a Jackson Township detective, whose phone number was published. In this case and any other where theft charges are filed, each defendant may refute the charges in court, which is typically done by hiring an experienced criminal law attorney to present a defense.