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New Jersey man facing DUI and more

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

If New Jersey police make a traffic stop, there’s no telling how a particular situation might unfold. When a police officer approaches a vehicle, he or she will make contact with the driver but will also likely observe the inside of the vehicle. If an officer claims to see something illegal inside a car, he may ask the driver to exit the vehicle. This is what happened in a recent traffic stop, and the driver is now facing DUI charges and numerous drug charges, as well.

Police say they made an initial stop and approached the vehicle to speak with the river. The officer in question claims to have witnessed an open container of alcohol in the man’s car. The officer reportedly asked the man to step out of his car, but the man fled the scene.

A second traffic stop occurred involving the same vehicle

Police shared details about the vehicle and incident with police departments in surrounding areas. Officers in another location later saw the vehicle and made another traffic stop. The man was taken into police custody. Charges filed against him include driving while intoxicated, possession of crack cocaine and operating a motor vehicle on a suspended driver’s license.

Each charge carries severe penalties under conviction

When a person is arrested in New Jersey and charged with multiple crimes, he or she must enter a plea on each count. It’s sometimes possible to mitigate one’s circumstances; for instance, if a person is facing DUI charges on a first offense. In cases involving illegal drug charges, prosecutors must prove that a substance submitted as evidence is, in fact, what they claim it to be. Most defendants request consultation with an experienced criminal defense attorney soon after their arrest.